4 Things To Know About Hiring a DUI Attorney and the Overall Process

A charge of operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have serious ramifications. Before proceeding through the legal system without representation, explore how a DUI attorney could help you. This professional assistance can help you make important decisions in key areas of your case.

Professional Opinion

With a case pending against you, it’s likely that you won’t be sure how to proceed. It’s not necessary to hire a professional in order to receive an expert opinion. Speak with an attorney for an initial consultation. Many lawyers provide these consultations to prospective clients for free or for a reduced price. At the end of the meeting, you can have a better idea of how you should proceed and about your chances for overcoming the charges.

Plea Bargaining

Plea-bargaining typically requires the skill of a lawyer. With plea-bargaining, you negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce charges to a lesser offense. A lesser offense will have benefits because the sentence and associated fines will be less than with a more serious charge. A prosecutor may be willing to consider plea-bargaining if it’s unlikely that a DUI case is possible or if factors of a case do not justify a full trial.

A DUI attorney will have the expertise necessary to assess a case to determine whether plea-bargaining is possible. Specific states also have statutes about reducing charges. An expert will understand applicable state statutes to enable plea-bargaining, if possible. If it is possible to plea bargain, the lawyer will then know how to proceed with negotiations with the prosecutor.

Proceeding to Trial

If you have a first-offense charge that does not involve significant damages, it’s likely that you can proceed without representation. However, when a person charged with operating under the influence decides to proceed to trial pleading not guilty, an attorney can provide valuable assistance. Someone with a clean driving history can be a candidate for sentence bargaining, which benefits from expert representation.

Anyone unsure about whether to plead not guilty or guilty may receive necessary guidance from a DUI attorney. The lawyer can present options and possible scenarios to enable you to make a decision. An expert can provide you with information about common outcomes, but don’t expect to receive guarantees about verdicts.

Possible Benefits

An attorney may be able to assist you by avoiding license suspension or reducing the period of time you will be without your driver’s license. The reduced charges the lawyer negotiates for you may also enable you to avoid the expense of classes, which can be costly. It’s also possible that you will be able to reduce fines, incarceration time, and charges that go onto your permanent record.

Although hiring a DUI attorney will be an expense, it is important to weigh the expense against the benefits you will also receive. If the lawyer succeeds in keeping you out of jail or reduces the charges to reduce your fines, the end result can be positive.

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